Volumetric Dry Dial PD-SDC Water Meter

Volumetric piston meters with protected dial provide a highly precise measuring mechanism and in combination with the durable casing provide accurate measurement of potable water.

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This piston meter (Volumetric dry dial water meter) is designed to measure the amount of water flow through a pipeline. The register is liquid-sealed with a cover and accurate and large indicators for effortless reading. Constructed with sturdy material, this meter can withstand water erosion and weathering for an enduring performance.

Brass body version:

  • PD SDC(E3)
  • Pulse output version
  • PD SDC(E4)
  • Pulse output version
  • PD SDC(E6)

Plastic body version:

  • PD SDC(E4)


  • Mechanical transmission
  • Internal non return valve and strainer
  • White liquid-sealed register with a cover
  • Accurate and large indicators on register
  • Low starting flow rate
  • Support a wide flow range
  • Sturdy construction
  • Can withstand water erosion and weathering
  • Enduring performance
  • Available in several models and colours


Order code Temperature       Qn
Flow m3/h
Flow l/h
  PD-SDC15R160-30 30ᵒC              2.0            15
  PD-SDC20R160-30 30ᵒC              4.0            20


This meter is available in several models with different features and colours to suit your residential needs.