Multi Jet Wet Dial MJ-LFC Water Meter

The Multi jet wet dial meter is the tried and tested meter for domestic service connections. Constant development guarantees accurate measuring results and the long-term stability. Special constructional details result in excellent running characteristics, a low bearing load and guarantees a long service life. Pulse capable with the addition of a pulse module, which allows connection to an automation system or remote readout modules.


Highlighted here is a Multi jet wet dial water meter designed with an external regulating device. With a wet dial, the meter can be installed in water and can still display the measure clearly. Built with in internal strainer, this meter will block particles in the liquid and ensure a fluid flow.


  • Brass body vision: MJ WDC, MJ-SDC(E) vertical and MJ-LFC(F1) vertical
  • Multi-jet
  • White wet dial with straight reading register and red indicators
  • Can be installed in water
  • With external regulating device
  • Internal inlet strainer
  • Mechanical transmission movement equates to maximum reliability
  • Small in size
  • Ideal for residential and small-scale commercial purposes
  • Available in different models


Order code Temperature          Qn
Flow m3/h
Flow l/h
  MJ-LFC15R80-30 30ᵒC              1.0            15
  MJ-LFC20R80-30 30ᵒC              2.5            20
  MJ-LFC25R80-30 30ᵒC              3.0            25
  MJ-LFC32R80-30 30ᵒC              6.0            32
  MJ-LFC40R80-30 30ᵒC            10.0            40
  MJ-LFC50R80-30 30ᵒC            15.0            50
  MJ-LFC50R80-30FL 30ᵒC            15.0            50
  MJ-LFC15R160-30 30ᵒC              1.0            15
MJ-LFC20R160-30 30ᵒC              2.0            20
  MJ-LFC25R160-30 30ᵒC              3.0            25
MJ-LFC32R160-30 30ᵒC              6.0            32
  MJ-LFC40R160-30 30ᵒC            10.0            40
  MJ-LFC50R160-30 30ᵒC            15.0            50
  MJ-LFC50R160-30FL 30ᵒC            15.0            50


This small meter is made for residential or small-scale commercial purposes.