LVDT and LVIT Probe Sensors

LVDT and LVIT probe sensors are usually used in cases where objects which move or change are to be measured, or permanent installation of the immersion core is not possible or desirable. The immersion core in probe sensors is permanently fixed (sleeve or roller bearings) and the end (probe tip) is pre-loaded and pressed against the object being measured by a spring. This allows the probe tip to track the object movement—with finite dynamics, however—and also allows, depending on the object’s surface, slight lateral displacement.

We offer various designs of LVDT and LVIT probe sensors: e.g. compact versions for production or testing purposes, rugged industrial versions or pressure-resistant probe sensors for operating pressures of up to 300 bar. Thus, even highly precise contact measurements can be performed in pressurized conditions, as well as in dirty or harsh environmental conditions.

We offer special options for our LVDT and LVIT probe sensors, e.g.

  • Displacement markers on the probe rod permit simple manual preadjustment (visually) for varying testing tasks prior to starting electrical operation.
  • LVDT probe sensors with reduced or even customer-specified (also single-tested) spring force for critical applications in which the object being measured must be very precisely loaded by the probe tip.

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