Piezoelectric Accelerometers

Piezoelectric accelerometers typically use lead zirconate titanate (PZT) sensing elements which under acceleration produce a proportional electric charge or output. Piezoelectric accelerometers have very low noise levels and are considered for both shock and vibration testing of all types. IEPE accelerometers are basically charge mode piezoelectric accelerometers with a charge amplifier built-into the accelerometer. Because of this, IEPE accelerometers require no special cabling and are very easy to integrate with the system. They will require a constant DC power source, but many data acquisition systems now include this.

Piezoelectric accelerometer measures dynamic changes in mechanical variables. (e.g. acceleration, vibration, and mechanical shock) Piezoelectric accelerometers are widely used for measuring absolute vibration in many scientific & industrial applications in the industries like aerospace, automotive, medical and process control.

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