Geotech Transducers

Civil Engineering/Geotech Transducers

All civil engineering transducers (Geotech Transducers) adopt self-temperature compensated foil strain gauges, for all of sensing element which are incorporated into a Wheatstone bridge. Using the strain gages, these transducers convert soil or water pressure to corresponding voltage for measurement with strain amplifiers and other peripheral equipment. The applied self-temperature compensated foil strain gages ensure stable measurement with less drift due to temperature changes.

Ordinary strain gauge civil engineering transducers cannot measure temperature together with strain, stress or displacement. Thus, thermometers need to be additionally installed when embedding these transducers in concrete structures. To solve such problems, KYOWA has developed civil engineering transducers with a temperature measuring function. The function is provided for all the transducers used in Geotech and civil applications e.g. strain transducers, reinforcing-bar stress transducers, stress transducers, joint transducers and water level transducers. These transducers have a platinum resistance thermometer sensor mounted at the output side of ordinary civil engineering transducers.

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