High Temperature Proximity Sensors

High temperature (HT) proximity sensors are available for environments with high temperatures and for applications which require measurements with a high dynamic range. In that case, separate electronics are needed.

The MNH eddy current sensors with a protection level of IP67 have proven themselves in situations with high temperature requirements (up to 230°C) and rapid dynamic motions. With a dynamic range of up to 10 kHz, they are especially well suited for monitoring shaft positions and vibration (condition monitoring).

Separate conversion electronics are required for operating the high-temperature proximity sensors. They can be installed at several meters distance, e.g. in an electrical cabinet.

The standard types of the MNH series are not for flush mounting and, in the case of objects with a surface of steel 42CrMo4, they cover a measuring range of up to 40 mm. Greater distances can also be achieved, also to other conductive surfaces, using the processor-controlled MNHµCON.

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