Double Rotator Flowmeter

The Double rotary PD flowmeter consists of an outer casing with measuring capsule fixed inside. The measuring capsule consists of a bulk meter body, rotor with vane blades and two internal covers. Outer end cover and manifold, bolted to the outer casing, form a closed chamber around the measuring capsule to keep it under equilibrium pressure all the time. The product enters the Flow Meter measuring capsule through the manifold inlet and at the same time fills up the space between the outer casing and the measuring capsule. This effectively pressure balances the measuring capsule and prevents distortion due to line pressure fluctuations to ensure a high metering accuracy.

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Double rotator flowmeter is a new kind positive displacement flowmeter developed specifically to serve as the heart in loading facilities at oil product depots. Contained in measuring chamber are a pair of rotators having special spiral gear teeth, the design of which is responsible for successfully eliminating pulsation in flow stream. The special sands proof and self-lubricant designing can measure sands content and high water contain oil. This type flowmeter has many advantages such as high accurate, high security, smooth running, low noise and long lifetime.