Allrounder Humidity & Temperature Transmitter (D Series DI Room Version)

Humidity Sensor DIF; Humidity and Temperature Sensor DIK

One special feature of the room version is the integral measuring chamber which is separate from the transmitter electronics. This ensures effective ventilation of the humidity and temperature sensing elements. The measured values are analyzed based on individually recorded calibration values in the flash memory and are digitally processed to issue the voltage and current signals. The room version enclosure has a simple, robust locking mechanism. The transmitter electronics can be found in the upper section of the enclosure. Once the lower section has been installed in the chosen location, the upper section can be mounted and secured at a later date without the use of tools.


  • Excellent midrange transmitter -highly accurate and easy to install
  • Room version operating temperatures up to 60 °C
  • Dynamic Mela® humidity sensing element
  • Easy to install