Digital Humidity & Temperature Sensor (PMU-P)

Digital Exchangeable Humidity Temperature Sensor PMU-P

The exchangeable digital sensor PMU-P is equipped with the Mela humidity measuring element humidity measuring element FE09/4. Protected by a PTFE pocket filter, the measuring element measures the air humidity. The pocket filter consists of porous vapor-permeable material and protects the sensor element from most dirt, dust and pollutants. The electronics and the plug contacts on the back are extrusion-coated with plastic to make them watertight.


  • With asynchronous ASCII transmission protocol
  • Calibrated for relative humidity and temperature
  • Exchangeable, plug-in design
  • Housing made of plastic
  • Accuracy: Humidity ± 1.5 %rh 10…90 %rh at 25 °C Temperature ± 0.15 K at 25 °C