D600 Performance Level IR Camera

SATIR D600 IR Camera is our newest addition to the D-Series, it is a high-performance handheld IR camera which delivers high quality images and thermal videos with its 640×480 IR detector. The D600 has a range of imaging modes which includes Duo-Vision Plus which is SATIR latest innovative imaging technology. Duo Vision merges an infrared and visual image to deliver a highly detailed image to the user for analysis when carrying out a thermal survey.

The D600 thermal camera comes with a touch screen that will auto focus to ensure the user has a clearly focused thermal image. This means when generating a report, the image is already focused which enables accurate evaluation.

Key Features

  • Digital Zoom
  • IR/Digital/Duo-Vision/Duo Vision Plus
  • Laser Pointer
  • 8 Hours Battery Life
  • Adaptable LCD Display
  • Easy to use interface
  • 5 MP High-Definition Camera
  • Thermal Video Recording