Incremental Rotary Encoders

Incremental Rotary Encoders are specially designed linear measuring systems based on optical, potentiometric or magnetic acquisition, offering the best solutions of greater distances or non-linear movement sets. Incremental rotary encoders can be used for measuring the angle of rotation (instead of linear displacements). They are designed for use under extreme industrial conditions.


  • Constructed of aluminium or stainless steel, extremely durable
  • Protection class IP67, IP65 at shaft output
  • Doubled shaft bearings, free of play
  • High electrical reliability thanks to SMD technology
  • 100% final testing and 100 h burn-in

There are various versions available:

  • Full or half shaft
  • Pulse sequences up to 5000 I/revolution
  • Square wave or sine signals
  • Increased protection class for some sensor types
  • Smooth operation variant for some sensor types

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