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Level Transmitters for Water, Wastewater & Sewage

Submersible Level Sensors are important in Water treatment facilities including treatment plants for wastewater, potable, industrial and agricultural water etc. Level measurement is essential in water and wastewater management for effective monitoring & control of process steps in water cycle. Slentech provides an array of instruments for level measurement in Australia and New Zealand.

Modsen MLW832 Submersible Level Transmitter is made from high-quality ceramic pressure sensor. The ceramic pressure sensor, enclosed in stainless steel housing, is precision engineered to fit most level measurement. This Level Transmitter consists of an integrated construction of water-proof & chemicals resistant vented cable, connected properly with sealed SS housing. As a result this transmitter can be used in any liquid for a long time. Pressure Level Sensor helps in different functions related to water and wastewater treatment:

These level sensors are used to measure either the levels of substances such as liquids, granular material, slurries & powders or the flow of water in open channels, rivers & lakes.

Wastewater level monitoring is an important control parameter for sedimentation & aeration basins, clarifiers and settling tanks that are involved in the Sewage Treatment process. Submersible Level Transmitters monitoring systems help the process to operate properly when sewage arrives through the sewage network.