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Level Sensors

Level Sensors or Level Transmitters are continuous level measurement sensors with an electrical transmission output for remote indication of liquid, powder or bulk level. There are different types of level transmitters working in different ways, making them useful for a number of different types of processes. Slentech provides a range of different types of level transmitters including point level, submersible level sensors, Hydrostatic level transmitters, radar level sensors and ultrasonic level sensors.

Filling level or the point level sensor with stainless steel membrane and semiconductor thin-film technology has excellent properties. Its suitable for more aggressive media, filling level measurement in tanks, vessels, water systems and point level measurement in rivers, rivulets, lakes or weirs. Hydrostatic level transmitters, also known as pressure level transmitters or submersible level sensors, essentially determine a container’s fluid contents by measuring the pressure of the resting body of fluid within it. The bigger the force of the liquid, the bigger the volume of fluid inside the container. This is one of the most common types of fill level detection devices.

Ultrasonic level sensors is a non-contact transmitter, in which an ultrasonic transducer mounted to or near the top of the container sends out an ultrasonic pulse. When the pulse hits the surface of the liquid, it is reflected, and the sensor calculates fill level based on the time between the pulse and the return signal. Radar level sensors use radio wave emissions just like radars. Usually, these devices are mounted at or near the top of a tank filled with a liquid. The transmitter itself sends out a radar signal into the liquid in the tank and receives a reflection of that signal. The transmitters will then accurately calculate the current fill level of the tank based on how long it takes the transmitted signal to return.

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