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Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioners are used to convert electronic signals into another type of signals. Signal conditioners are a great addition as they not only convert electrical signals but also help in protecting equipment and personnel when exposed to high voltages. Signal conditioners help in the protection of signal circuits when it is exposed to high-frequency coupling, in case of a short circuit. Slentech offers two types of signal conditioners: Strain amplifiers and DC amplifiers. DC amplifiers, also known as direct-coupled amplifiers are the basic circuits present in electronics. Amplifiers help to increase the amplitude of an electronic signal. Amplifiers have been used to increase signal level, for higher sound levels and deliver circuit gain.

Direct-coupled amplifiers amplify the direct current signal. DC amplifiers also help in high circuit gain at a lower frequency. Usually, there is loss of frequency from the coupling network which is eliminated by direct-coupled amplifiers. DC amplifiers have several industrial applications. They are used to measure and test various instruments, in computers and in industrial control equipment. The DC amplifier not only provides circuit gain but also voltage gain. In most applications, DC amplifiers are used to increase the voltage in a particular instrument. A higher gain is obtained through two or more stages of amplifications. DC amplifiers are also used for general voltage measurement, temperature measurement as well as a pre-amplifier for recorders and data processors.

Slentech provides a DA-701A DC Amplifier which has 2 channels per unit and built in low-pass filter. This direct-coupled amplifier allows an input of 300 V and measure a maximum input of +/- 110 V. The 701A DC Amplifier also comes with a voltage calibration function to offer flexibility for your applications. The DC Amplifier is highly accurate and is less affected by noise, thus giving you excellent stability.