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Load Cells

Load cell is a transducer which helps to create electrical signal with a magnitude equal to the force measured. The measurable output can be either analogue or digital. Various types of Load Cells are used in industry applications, with strain gauge being the most commonly used load cell. Slentech offers a wide variety of corrosion resistant and highly accurate load cells as mentioned below:

Tension/Compression load cells are used where the force goes from tension to compression and the other way around. As the tension/compression load cells usually comprise of threaded ends which offer simple and easy installation. Similar to compression load cells, tension/compression load cells are used in environments which have space restrictions.

Compression load cells solve the problems of space restrictions as they are small in dimension and can be mounted in a small space. Compression load cell are known for offering long term stability. These load cells usually have button or centre hole design.

Beam type load cells are constructed in a simpler manner and come at an affordable rate. Beam load cells are used to measure force when under tension or compression. Beam type load cells are available in a wide range and are used to meet different industrial applications. These load cells can be used to measure tank level, in hoppers and truck scale, weighing and industrial process control. Beam type load cell help in superior side load rejection.

There are many more types of load cells supplied by Slentech like S type, Washer type, Pin type and Multi-Axis load cells. These load cells are also used in larger measuring devices in manufacturing, food processing, power plants, chemical plants and automotive industries.