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Humidity Sensors

Humidity Sensors are used to monitor and control relative humidity. Slentech offers a wide range of humidity sensors also known as humidistats, which are simple humidity sensors with robust design to provide long service life. Slentech’s humidity sensors are highly reliable measuring tools that have smart mechanism and high quality control signals. Humidity sensors measure both moisture and air temperature. Humidity sensor calculates relative humidity through capacitive measurement. Slentech humidity sensors can withstand high and low temperatures; measure the relative humidity in saturated conditions, offer robust designs and affordable as the design is comparatively simple to other products available in the market.

Hygroswitch is an on-off controller humidity sensor used in commercial business space. These humidity sensors can be used in computer rooms and offices for controlling air humidifying and dehumidifying.

Humidity sensors can be used at home to monitor and regular the relatively humidity for ill people that are affected by humidity. Humidity sensors are widely used in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC system). Humidity sensors are also used in meteorology stations for the prediction and reporting of weather.

When selecting the humidity sensor for your application, it is essential to have the knowledge about technical attributes for the application needs. Along with this, the other features to consider for selecting humidity sensors are the humidity range, operating temperature range, accuracy, supply current and voltage.

Slentech’s Humidity Sensors are a great way to control and monitor relative humidity. Slentech holds expertise in providing highly quality products from leading manufacturers of test, measurement and control instrumentation. The wide range of humidity sensor includes: Hygroswitch, HGMini, HG80, FAS, HG120 and many more. All humidity sensors are meticulously designed to provide longer service life.