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Confocal Displacement Sensor

The Acuity CCS Prima, white light Confocal Displacement Sensor is the most precise measurement system from Slentech Australia. Using white light LED, the system separates emitted light into different colours and then uses a detector to identify the reflected colour signal. These Confocal Displacement Sensors measure distance and position to within tens of nanometers. These compact probes can measure to opaque, shiny or even transparent surfaces.

The Prima Confocal Systems are comprised of an optical measurement “pen” and a separate controller. This controller houses all of the electronics, light source, etc. Emitted white light and reflected signals are passed between the pen and controller via thin fiber-optic transmission cable. The Chromatic-Confocal Sensors (CCS) are offered in a variety of measurement ranges and standoff distances, each with corresponding resolutions. The shortest-range models resolve to 5 nanometers of height change.

Clear Polymer Thickness Measurement; White Light Confocal Probe is used to measure the thickness of clear food wrapping material as it’s being produced.

High Accuracy Clear Film Thickness Measurement; By using the White Light Confocal Chromatic CL4 MG35 Probe on a CCS Prima Controller, the customer is able to hold +/- 0.6 microns of thickness accuracy. The controller is set to take 1,000 samples per second and a data point every 0.005″ along the film’s length. The Confocal unit is able to measure the front and back face of the film from one side and provide 2 data points.

Brake Line Tip Inspection; A precision scanning Confocal Displacement Sensor can be used to inspect the surface of a steel brake line tip for scratches and defects. The measurement pen aims down to the sample that is moved on a linear XY stage.