AR1000 Laser Distance Sensor - Slentech

AR1000 Laser Distance Sensor

Slentech Australia offers Acuity Laser Distance Sensor AR1000, which can measure 30 meters with an accuracy of 3 mm. Using a reflective target board, the sensor will measure distances up to 150 meters. The AR1000 Laser Distance Sensor is ideal for crane and hoist applications, position measurement, or for monitoring fill levels of bulk material. This sensor is highly versatile, able to measure distances both indoors and outdoors. But it may have limitations to extremely dark targets or measuring through steam, fog and smoke where the signal is obstructed. However, the AR1000 measures to hot surface and glowing steel near 1000°C.

Oil and Gas Industry; Various types of positioning equipment such as offshore cranes and hydraulic lifting equipment are vital tools from refinement to distribution. In order to ensure smooth and efficient production, all equipment are required to have high reliability and precise positioning. Without a Non-Contact Laser Measurement System, the challenge of ensuring consistent precision and efficiency is nearly impossible. Operating without a measurement system can lead to crash collisions, extreme human/environmental safety concerns, and costly damaged products. Acuity AR1000 Laser Measurement Sensor has been used in oil and gas industry to position cranes and hydraulic lifting equipment. These sensors can be installed on cranes and other equipment in order to prevent collisions. These sensors help maintaining the equipment more proactively & efficiently and increase production efficiency & safety. With the ability to measure accurately in tough conditions, the AR1000 is the perfect tool for oil and gas industry.

Aeroplane Wing Flexure Tests; AR1000 Laser Distance Sensors are used to perform Flexure Tests on Aeroplane Wings.

Laser Measurement Sensors to Reduce Amusement Park Lines; Amusement parks across the world see millions of visitors each year. With packed crowds and long queues for the best rides, many theme park management are looking for ways to keep the lines moving and reduce the long wait times. AR1000 Laser Measurement Sensors are used in many amusement parks to help monitor the frequently used attractions and help move the visitors to less busy attractions.

Depth Measurement for Drill Rigs; Acuity AR1000 Laser Distance Sensor is used to automatically gauge the depth of drilled holes. The drill rigs equipped with powerful down-the-hole hammers for rock drilling in quarries, opencast mines and construction projects. The operator, sitting in a climate-controlled cabin, can know the exact hole depth on a digital console display with the help of Laser Sensors.

Overhead Crane Position Measurement; Steel mills producing large coils of sheet stock store their inventory on the floors of huge warehouses. The large, heavy coils are picked and placed using overhead cranes, often referred to as bridge cranes. These cranes ride the length of the building along two, parallel rails. A hoist moves on the trolley and lowers a hook or other mechanical grabber to move objects. Operators control the crane’s movement via an overhead control cabin or by remote-control from on manufacturing floor.

Steel Tanks End-Cap Dimensions; Laser Sensors are used in designing and building tanks and vessels for use in various chemical and petrochemical industries. The tanks built from carbon or stainless steels, are fabricated in sections and welded together in a final assembly. They are required to maintain strict dimensional tolerances for the pre and final assemblies. Acuity AR1000 Laser Distance Sensors are used to improve their dimensional measurement practices.

Wing Displacement Measurement Tests; The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the first commercial aircraft built from lightweight composite materials. Like aluminium structure wings during their development, the composite wings undergo rigorous test. Among those tests, is the “wing up-bend test” which test the mechanical integrity the wing when being displaced upwards. Acuity AR1000 Laser Sensors are used in doing these tests.

Length Measurement of Hot Steel Pipe; In steel pipe manufacturing, a system needs to be developed for measuring the length during production. An AR1000 Laser Distance Sensor from Acuity is used to measure to the leading edge of the pipe during cutting. The high-speed saw blade serves as the Zero Point Reference during the cutting process. The pipe is stationary during cutting and gives a very stable reading.